Hi 👋, I'm Joenz Kim-Chan

I am a Software Engineer

I am a Full Stack Developer

I am a Backend Engineer

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About me

Hi! I'm Joenz, a software engineer with a passion for learning new technologies and drinking kopi peng 🍵

I have had the privilege of interning at GovTech and Flex-Solver, where I got to build cool things and learn a ton 🚀

When I'm not coding, you can find me bouldering 🧗, watching anime 📺, or playing computer games 🎮


  1. Full--stack Developer

    Government Technology Agency -- Cybersecurity Group

    Maintained government cybersecurity self-servicing portal. Performed data cleaning and migrated 20000 assets for over 1000 agency users. Created AWS Lambda scripts to automate sending of over 300 personally tailored emails.

    • Next.js
    • PostgreSQL
    • Express
    • AWS
    • Typescript
    • Python
  2. Full--stack Developer

    Government Technology Agency -- CrowdtaskSG

    Maintained CrowdtaskSG and SG Translate Together portals. Created SG Translate Together leaderboard, developed BudgetMealGoWhere gamification track.

    • Next.js
    • PostgreSQL
    • koa.js
    • TailwindCSS
  3. Backend Developer


    Created Nest.js microservice, developed reusable templates to integrate Stripe payment APIs to chatbot platforms

    • Nest.js
    • Node.js
    • Typescript
    • MySQL
  4. Software Engineer


    Created excel script automations, developed a front-end portal for easier timesheet entrying

    • VBA
    • React.js
    • Django